Posted by: missions4lifenow | December 22, 2010

Share the Season

God has given us so much in our lives that we really aren’t able to see just how much we really have.  It has all become second nature to us.  We have come to expect to have a warm house to go home to and food on the table.   We have nice cars and nice clothes.  Our children for the most part are happy and spoiled. 

This year I have come to understand so much clearer that there are people in our community that really don’t even have a place to live or a warm bed to sleep in each night.  I have seen and spoken to many people who have really been affected by the financial downturn of our community.  These are not lazy people.  They are people who have had good jobs and were able to provide quite well for their families. 

As I watched parents come and go in our Toy Store ministry this year and the heartfelt “Thank You’s” that were given for the things that they received, it made me realize that Christmas is not about all the wonderful new gifts that we each receive, it is about giving the necessities to others who don’t have them.  I saw women who were told to get a gift for themselves choose toilet paper, shampoo, dish detergent etc.  This truly broke my heart. They were so thankful for getting each child in their home only 2 presents.  As a child I received many presents. 

We really don’t know how much we really have to be thankful for in our lives.  So as you are opening your presents think about what others close around you don’t have and maybe give something to them.  It will truly bless you heart in ways that are awesome. 

When we have given to someone in need we have done it for our heavenly Father as well.  He will bless you in a multitude of ways and make your path a little easier.

So let’s all Share the Season with someone less fortunate than we are.  God Bless You and have a Very Merry Christmas.


  1. Dian:
    The older I get and the more I see in this world, I realize it’s not about the gifts we receive from one another. It’s about the gift we received from God.

    • You are so very right. God gave us the absolute perfect gift of all and it is what we do with it that will make the difference in the end.

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