Posted by: missions4lifenow | January 5, 2011

Soon and Very Soon

The Great Commission

Image by Perfesser via Flickr

This statement means a great deal to we as christians.  It seems that life is so full of  everyday tasks such as work, family, church, and other activities that we sometimes forget why we are here in the first place.  We as christians are here for one purpose and that is to spread the gospel in any way that we can.  Jesus before he ascended into heaven gave us a commission.  This is found in Matthew 28: 19-20.  It tells us that we are to go and tell the world about Jesus and his gift of eternal salvation to all those that will accept it.  This has been something that has convicted me day in and day out.  I come into contact with people on a daily basis  and sometimes never even speak to them let alone witness to them. 

In my Sunday school class I tell my children that people are watching them daily and seeing if they are true to what they say they believe in.  This is true of any of us and it seems that we fall very short of living up to what we say we are and what our relationship is with Jesus Christ.

We say that we are christians, but does it show in our daily lives.  Does it show when we come into a situation that is stressful or causes us to feel angry.  How do we handle these episodes in our lives?  What we do and say can mean the difference in somebody seeking to know Christ or maybe even saying to themselves, ‘If this is what it is about, I will just forget this.’ 

It only takes that one time to turn someone off from salvation.  My prayer for myself is to always be on my guard and listen to what that little still small voice inside me is telling me or trying to tell me and try to improve on my walk in life. 

Jesus is coming back soon and if we have not lived our lives following the Great Commission then we have failed miserably and will have to answer for that someday.  I remember the excitement in my heart that night when I asked Jesus into my heart and I know without a doubt that I will be in heaven when I die.  Do You?  I hope so.  Are we following in Jesus footsteps?  I hope so.  I challenge each one of us myself included to be more aware of who is around us and just how we are reacting to life.  This could be the only time you may have to influence someone.  I tell my Sunday school class that even just opening a door for an elderly person may be just the act that it takes to plant that seed in their heart.  Afterwards someone else may come and do something else for them and soon they will see that there is something to life besides grief and hardship.

I think too many times we just assume that everyone around us is alright and is going to heaven.  It may surprise you the people that have never heard of Jesus christ and his gift of eternal salvation through his death and resurrection on the cross.   God help us to always be mindful of what we do and how we do it.  There is a great multitude of people right in our own communities that do not Jesus.

Be a witness. Stand for Jesus Christ and be bold in your christian walk daily.

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